The benefits of cleansing and downsizing your wardrobe

The benefits of cleansing and downsizing your wardrobe

I talk about this so much, you would think I am on some sort of weird capsule commission. I honestly can't get enough because downsizing my wardrobe has had a very positive impact on my life, it has changed the way I feel, my personal style and the way I shop. 

Some people find this idea daunting as they think about 'capsule' as an all or nothing deal: you either commit to living with a very minimal wardrobe or don't bother. As I have written many times, my personal view is that everyone can apply this term in a way that suits their own lifestyle without feeling trapped or overwhelmed by the experience. 

For example, if you have a wardrobe that is packed with clothes that you have gathered since you were a teenager, it might be unrealistic to think you can end up with 30 pieces after one cleansing session. My advice is to start where you can, we all have to start somewhere and I think that any downsizing you manage to do will help you. 

If you are flirting with the idea, here are some benefits I have noticed do far: 

I am more confident 

You know that feeling when throughout the day you notice you don't like what you are wearing? Or when you feel that everyone around you is better dressed than you, or the clothes you are wearing don't really suit you or the day you are having? That used to be me all the time.  

Looking back, I think I used to put clothes together just for the sake of it and leave it up to fate whether my outfits would work for me or not. Meaning that some days I would feel great, others not so much. After clearing up my wardrobe I made sure I only own things that I love and make me feel good about myself. Every time I buy something new, I make sure it fits well with what I already own. Since I have limited my wardrobe to the items that I really like to wear, I have left myself less room for mistakes.  

Getting dressed every morning is quick and painless 

Getting dressed in the morning becomes a lot easier as whichever piece I take out of my wardrobe, I know this is something that suits me and I will enjoy wearing. I no longer have those moments when I suddenly realise my trousers are uncomfortable or my shirt doesn't suit me because I have reviewed my wardrobe and know that everything left in it works. 

I don't have to plan my outfits ahead anymore and I don't panic if I overslept and have less time to think about what to wear. My wardrobe is fool proof and I am not scared of it anymore, my mornings are more calm and when I get home at the end of the day my bed is never messy with the pile of clothes I tried on that morning. 

I spend less money on shopping 

And note that I didn't write that I shop less, I still enjoy browsing in shops with my friends or my Mum as a weekend activity. I love visiting nice stores and I don't see that ever changing. However, what has changed is that now I make better purchases, I don't binge shop because I am more aware of my wardrobe and I know that I already own many pieces I enjoy. 

When you are faced with a wardrobe made of only clothes you would happily wear tomorrow, your vision isn't clogged up with stuff you don't wear anymore and therefore your brain realises that actually you don't really need to buy every single thing you kind of like when you are out shopping because you already have a pretty good wardrobe at home. 

I don't make bad purchases 

I still go shopping when I want to, but I am aware of what I need and I always shop with a "plan". This means I don't make a lot of mistakes and actually end up keeping the things I buy for a longer time. Trying to limit my wardrobe to a number of items means, for example, that if I need a new white t-shirt then I will make sure I buy the nice one, rather than buying two average ones - I prefer to buy the really great one that I can keep for longer. 

I am more aware of my style 

This one starts as soon as you clear out because you are suddenly faced with everything that you are willing to give away or put in your maybe box. Noticing what goes back into your wardrobe makes you more likely to look for similar things next time you are out shopping. You may think it is difficult to find your own style, but a simple cleanse without over-thinking may be the first step into figuring out what you enjoy wearing and build on it. 

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