An outfit for work (#2)

An outfit for work (#2)

When did I wear this outfit 

I wore this outfit on Wednesday 23rd of May, 2018 

Average temperature 

Around 17 degrees Celsius 

What I did that day 

I was at work during the day. In the evening we met some friends for dinner and drinks.  

Outfit overview 

This is a great outfit for in between seasons. I find Zara trousers extremely comfortable for sitting all day and they are a returning favourite in my wardrobe. I tend to throw away the belt they come with and wear my own belts instead. This is a great trick if you are on a budget and want to make your otherwise quite basic trousers look a bit more expensive. 

You can never go wrong with a silk white shirt, it is so versatile and works well in the office - I always have two on rotation. 

I was a bit cold outside so I had to add a coat before going to dinner. 

Where are my clothes from 

Vest from Cos - I don't think they have it anymore but their page is always worth a visit.

White shirt from And Other Stories 

Navy trousers from Zara 

Brown boots from Geox, similar here

Would I wear this again 

Absolutely, I love this outfit. I have enjoyed adding burgundy to my work wardrobe, it works well with my base colours and makes my outfit a little bit more interesting.  

Before we went to dinner I actually grabbed a coat because I needed an extra layer.

Discovering my work wardrobe

Discovering my work wardrobe

Instagram and me

Instagram and me