My name is Veronica and I live in London with my husband Tom.

Two years ago I landed my dream job at a Bank in the City of London where I was earning the highest salary of my career.

I had achieved the goals I set for myself when I finished University and should have been feeling excited and fulfilled. However, the reality of my job didn’t quite match the expectations I had built on the way up to this point and I started looking for a new project.

Letting go of preconceptions, I began to write about my journey through decluttering my wardrobe, mindful shopping and all the lessons I learned along the way to finding ‘style peace’. Since then, my main focus has been trying to understand how I can become more aware of myself and what really fills me up.

Veronica’s Mews is my new podcast where I share thoughts and experiences or, with the help of a guest, touch on all things from hobbies and secret passions, to setting new goals or finding the courage to take the leap.

It’s time to embrace that eagerness for a little bit more.

Thank you for being here - I am so excited!